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You can improve your grammar in only 7 minutes a day.
Poor grammar labels you as unintelligent, incompetent, and even untrustworthy. This can be devastating in a job interview or if you are talking to a business client. One grammar mistake can keep you from being hired or cost your company business. Bad grammar makes co-workers view you as unqualified. It makes friends and strangers feel you cannot be trusted with anything important.

People judge you by how well you write and speak. If you want people to stand up and pay attention to what you have to say, you must use proper grammar. If you want people to see you as intelligent and articulate instead of ignorant and uneducated, you must use proper grammar.

If you need to improve your grammar(and you do), then this could be the most important website you will ever visit.

If you do not notice two or three grammar mistakes in every television show, then you do not notice errors in your own grammar. Almost every television show, news show, and even commercials contain embarrassing grammar errors.

Every time you write or speak, you are judged by the grammar you use. So, how do people judge you? Do they think you are intelligent or uneducated. Do they have confidence in you or do they distrust you because of how you speak?

Don't be embarrassed when speaking or writing because of your bad grammar ever again. You do not have to memorize hundreds of grammar rules either. A hand full of simple tricks can help you avoid the most common grammar mistakes. This video training system is so easy, anyone can do it. All you have to do is watch the videos and discover the simple tricks you can apply that will help you choose the correct word every time.

The Speak English Like A Genius™ Grammar course is the only video learning system designed to make your grammar and communication skills explode immediately.

This 10 Lesson audio and video course will help you improve your writing and speech.

Forget those boring English classes you took in school! There are simple shortcuts you can use to test your writing for common grammar mistakes. These quick tests can instantly tell you if you have picked the right word or phrase.

Perfect as a refresher or crash-course. Do you think your grammar is good. You might be surprised!

You will find out how to avoid the most common grammar mistakes. If you are not aware of these errors, then you will never notice them. Everyone who knows these rules will notice your errors and dismiss your writing is unimportant. When you speak in public, to strangers, or even friends, if you use poor grammar without realizing it, they will not take your opinions seriously and may dismiss you as uneducated and unimportant.

This video based course:

  • Covers both American and British English rules
  • Helps both Native Speakers and ESL(English-As-A-Second-Language) Speakers
  • Clear examples make proper English easy to understand
  • Quick and dirty tricks help you decide instantly if grammar is correct
  • Learn more in this course than you learned all through school

You must know what these critical errors are so you can avoid them. Find out the secret to make your writing and speech sound intelligent and powerful.

For Teens and Adults - For Students - For ESL Speakers
For Business People - For Writers - For Everyone



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You can always express your ideas more effectively when your writing is grammatically strong.

It does not matter if you are writing to friends on social websites, your blog, your company website, news and media networks, a client proposal or if you are closing a big business deal, you need to present yourself in the best way possible. You must use proper grammar to be taken seriously.

  • You do not have to memorize a long list of rules.
  • Use simple tricks and tests to verify instantly that your grammar is correct.
  • Find out when it is acceptable to break grammar rules
  • See clear example sentences as the instructor explains simple concepts that you can use on-the-fly.
  • Never be confused, simply apply the special grammar trick you learned and you can always determine if a phrase is correct or incorrect.
  • Speak and write with confidence when you can choose the correct words and punctuation.
  • You will be personally trained by our video instructor as you are shown the correct and incorrect forms of sentences which makes it clear and easy to spot errors in your own writing and speech. This gives you confidence that you can use correct grammar every time.
  • Accelerate your learning by using our own targeted strategy workbook which helps you follow the course and provides even more examples.
  • Learn how to personalize your grammar experience for maximum results.
  • Includes highly targeted quizzes and strategies at the end of each lesson which will help you build your grammar confidence and lock it in your memory.
  • You will build your grammar knowledge immediately and dramatically increase your retention and understanding.
  • Test yourself at the end of lessons using real examples which will help you improve communication in your work and personal life.

What would it be worth to give yourself an advantage at the next job interview? What would it be worth if you could save a business contract by giving the other person confidence in your ability through your proper use of grammar? What would it be worth to improve your grades, not only in English but in all courses as a result of clearer communications. How much would you spend if you took a less directed English class at your local community college and how long would it take you to complete?

Would you spend $299.99 on a college course? $199.99 on a home study college course and spend weeks finishing it and doing homework? Why would you do that when the Speak English Like A Genius course is only 29.95 plus we will include a free copy of the RightWriter grammar improvement software(a $29.95 value by itself) and a copy of Elements of Style(A $12.95 value by itself).

This program is self-paced which lets you complete the course in as little or as much time as you need. Order today to take your English to a whole new level!

The Speak English Like A Genius course will help you separate your writing from the writing of those around you. No matter what your writing goals are, this course can improve your writing's impact. Good grammar will make you appear more intelligent and give other people confidence in you.

Don't put off improving your grammar for one more email. If you do, you may be making serious and embarrassing grammar mistakes.

Order now and improve your grammar plus receive the RightWriter Grammar Improvement Software Free with the course.

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Video Series with Handout and Testing Software

  • We do not waste time spouting boring grammar rules. No one can learn proper grammar from a list of rules. Speak English Like A Genius jumps right into solving real grammar problems and reveals how you can boost your communication skills at the same time.

  • Discover why everything you write or say is tainted if you break these rules.

  • The Apostrophe Secret is revealed. Simple tests can show you exactly when you should use an apostrophe and when you should not. Using them at the wrong time or missing a needed apostrophe makes writing look uneducated and sloppy.

  • A quick trick will show you the right answer every time.

  • We reveal quick and easy shortcuts that will allow you to instantly identify and avoid the most common and embarrassing grammar mistakes. Simple substitution methods help you identify problems and correct them as you write or speak.

  • You will discover how to quickly eliminate one of the most common and embarrassing English grammar mistakes: The misuse of pronouns. "Mike and I" is not always correct. There is a simple test you can use to pick the right pronoun every time.

  • Find out the truth behind who vs whom - and it's not what you may have been told in school.

  • We go beyond basic grammar and explain proper usage. Simple and clear examples show how common words are used incorrectly.

  • Did you even know that pronouns must agree in number? This is a major grammar problem and it can even sound correct to the untrained ear when it is in fact 100% Wrong! You must be able to choose the correct pronoun and it is not necessarily the one that you would expect.
  • Discover how you can use a subject-verb agreement trick to identify many grammar problems and solve them on the spot to dramatically improve your writing and speech.

  • We look at a list of commonly confused words like "affect" and "effect", "their, there, they're", "it's and its", "inquire and enquire". These errors will not be caught by a spell checker because the words are spelled correctly but used incorrectly. With our simple substitution trick, you will be confident you have chosen the correct word every time.

  • We go even deeper and look at commonly misused terms and phrases which can send the opposite message the speaker intends or even make the writer or speaker look foolish. You can now avoid these danger phrases after you complete this video.
  • You will discover in this video the most common word choice mistakes and you will then see how you can always use correct expression.

  • Find out why using unnecessary or extra words make your writing and speech sound confusing and awkward. You are using these injected words every day without realizing how it makes you sound. Find out how to avoid this common problem and make your speech and writing more concise and powerful.

  • Find out what the most Terrible Grammar Mistakes are and how to save yourself from the massive embarrassment they bring.

  • Discover the new Modern English and you can use common terms without confusion and without fear that they are wrong just because you see them spelled differently or capitalized differently elsewhere. You will finally know which is right, website or web site, is it Internet or internet, is it email or e-mail. These are errors you absolutely must never make in business and formal communications.

And even more is covered...

Each Video contains multiple sections covering different topics. A printable handout is also included which you can use to follow along. At the end of each of the 10 lessons, you can take an optional quiz and see your score. It helps you practice what you have learned.

Not only will you learn how to avoid the most common English grammar mistakes, you'll also learn how to communicate with the style of a pro!






This video ECourse is designed to assist both native English speakers and those who speak English as a second language. The web site course and CD-ROM course includes all instructional material.